College for Older Adults

If you are 50 or better, with a curious mind and an interest in learning just for the joy of it, you are invited to join like-minded members of the College for Older Adults at the Reynolds Homestead.  Enrichment courses ranging from fitness to history, art, writing, and wellness are offered in six week terms – in the spring and the fall.   Classes are scheduled mornings and afternoons with lunch time sandwiched in between.   (Mostly) Volunteer instructors prepare and teach the courses.  COA is committed to providing its members with a wide variety of stimulating  classes, lectures, workshops, and complementary activities in a creative and inclusive learning  community.

Download spring catalog here: 2018 Spring Catalog

Registration form here:  2018 Spring Registration

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As a member of COA at the Reynolds Homestead, you’ll be able to choose from an extensive selection of classes that range from fitness and health-related topics to arts and crafts—and   everything in between! There is No homework, no tests, and no entrance requirements—except a love for learning and a desire to be active and have fun.

We always end each COA  session with a  luncheon to celebrate and talk about new programming for the coming year; this is always a highlight of the session.


The membership fee for the Spring session of COA is only $40 and that enables you to enjoy a selection of over 30 classes and events. Some  classes, especially art classes and trips, may have additional supply fees, but we try to keep those as low as possible.  Each day we provide snacks and refreshments, and our friendly hostesses and staff look forward to meeting new members, greeting familiar faces, and learning and growing with you! We do offer a reduced rate for those who only want to participate in the hiking and walking  classes; for those the membership fee is $30.

Some classes are limited in size and fill up early, so do not delay in getting your registration form in as soon as possible.


Most classes, except hiking and walking and any trips planned, are held at the Reynolds Homestead in the Community Enrichment Center. Classes are coded as U (Upstairs in the main room), D (Downstairs in the art room, or C (Classroom downstairs). Most arts and crafts classes are held at the new Creative Arts Center in Stuart (334 Patrick Avenue, next door to Pet ProVisions). Those classes will be coded CAC. If you have any questions, please ask a staff member or the day’s hostess, and always check the schedule to confirm where the class is held. Feel free to bring a bag lunch to enjoy inside or outside at our picnic tables between classes.


We do require a Physical Activity Waiver to be on file for each participant in a fitness, hiking or walking class. These classes are marked with an asterisk (*). A new form must be filed each year, so everyone must complete an activity waiver in the spring.  NOTE: This does NOT require a doctor’s visit or signature; you are simply assuming the risk of taking the class. If you have any qualms about taking a fitness class, please check with your doctor first.


For any activity that you take Homestead-provided transportation, you must turn in a waiver and provide an Emergency Contact. All bus/van drivers are Reynolds Homestead employees and have clear driving records.


Because many of the art and craft classes have  limited space, please register early. You will be notified if you are put on a waiting list—in that case the instructor will be consulted and either see if more students can be added, or if another class can be scheduled. If a class is canceled due to low enrollment, or if we are unable to move you from the waiting list, your fee will be refunded to you.

Please submit your completed registration form no later than Friday, April 20 along with Physical Liability and Bus Waivers if needed.

If you have any questions about the classes, or would like to register a guest, please contact Lisa Martin at 276-694-7181.


We do provide refreshments, and some classes may be serving food; if you have any food allergies or sensitivities, please make a note on your registration form so we can be sure to provide for you.

2018 Spring Catalog

2018 Spring Registration