Homestead Artisans on Exhibition at Virginia Tech

Posted on March 10, 2018

Artisans of the Reynolds Homestead: Preserving the Traditional Arts and Crafts of the Women of Appalachia will be on exhibition through March 28. A reception will be held in the Wallace Gallery on March 18 at 2:00 p.m. Please come!

Fifteen local artisans who study, teach and participate in traditional arts and crafts are currently on exhibition at Virginia Tech in the Wallace Hall gallery. The exhibition, entitled “Artisans of the Reynolds Homestead:  Preserving the Traditional Arts and Crafts of the Women of Appalachia” is also featured as part of the university’s celebration of Women’s Month.

The arts and crafts of Appalachia have been a part of the culture of this region for generations. Though a prominent aspect of people’s lives, very little attention was paid to them until the 1960s, when the Folk Art Movement drew interest.

The Reynolds Homestead seeks to preserve the traditional arts and crafts of the region through classes, clubs, and exchanges that share techniques and explore new materials used in traditional ways.

The arts and crafts seen on display there are from the artisans of the Reynolds Homestead and represent traditional forms such as weaving, sewing, crocheting,  pottery, basket-making, folk art painting, “found art,” quilting, decorative painting, felting, and spinning.  Many of the piece you see remain very traditional in their form and creation, while others use new or unusual materials (a kudzu basket!) to experiment with the process.

A reception sponsored by Outreach and International Affairs will be held for the artisans on Sunday, March 18 from 2-4 p.m. in the gallery and adjoining atrium. Both are located on the first floor of Wallace Hall, and parking is behind the building in the Life Sciences parking lot. The back entrance to the building leads directly into the atrium and gallery space. No permits are needed for weekend parking. The public is invited to attend the event, and the Reynolds Homestead staff would love to see a large Patrick County contingent to support the artisans.


The exhibition will be on display through March 28.

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