Reynolds Homestead Archives includes documents and archives pertaining to life at Rock Spring Plantation. Also included in the collection is audio recordings from an oral history project conducted in Patrick County in the 1980s.

Historical Archives

The Reynolds Homestead Historical Archives includes a variety of documents and artifacts that provide information about life at Rock Spring Plantation and the activities at Reynolds Homestead.  In an effort to broaden the story of Rock Spring Plantation, those who have documents or artifacts related to the plantation are encouraged to share this information. Reynolds Homestead would be interested in making copies of documents or photos that provide more information that can be included in the historical narrative.

Additionally, the Reynolds Homestead Historical Archives includes a collection of audio recordings made during a Patrick County oral history project in the 1980s, as well as a copy of the film, Up and Down These Roads: Community & Change in Patrick County, which was the capstone of the oral history project.